[TOKYO/HIGASHIIKEBUKURO]Marché de Bleuet plus Sunshine Alpa store



Store information

●Shop name:Marché de Bleuet plus Sunshine Alpa store

●Route from your current location to the store(※Google Map):https://www.google.com/maps/dir/?api=1&destination={東京都豊島区東池袋3丁目1−1 マルシェドブルーエプリュス サンシャインシティアルパ店|Marché de Bleuet plus}

Payment Method

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What is 「Marché de Bleuet plus」?

・Marché de Bleuet plus is “a lineup of simple but adult playful miscellaneous goods with the theme of clothing, food, and housing, adding a little attention to everyday life, a daily scene like walking in Marche. It is a Japanese fashion miscellaneous goods brand with the theme of “.


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